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Streaming-Kojin-Dying my new Chocobo a new color!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

"Final Fantasy is HUGE! I had no idea how big the worlds were on Final Fantasy" said Park. "Yes, it's a wonderful place, and we can do a lot," I said. I explained to Park to not be intimidated with it all, take it in. Realize just how much you will eventually be able to do here.

"We can do things we can't do in the brick and mortar world. That's why I like it and wanted you to come with me. Battle, fly, ride on exotic transportation, get pets, and a house and dress in fabulous outfits. I can't begin to explain it all to you."

He answers me with a yeah, great, wow, cool. Just wait until he's at level 20, then 30. Park is in for a lot of surprises.

Well, I have a surprise for him this week. I just got my adorable Chocobo, Bopeep. I will be attempting to dye them iris purple but I need to buy an apartment or a house first from what I understand. I attained a chart after some research in how to accomplish this. I will ask around to see if anyone has these fruits, or buy them. One day when I have my house I will grow a garden of these fruits to give away to neighbors. Now, on to making money!

I will keep you updated.


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